Consultations with psychoanalytic psychotherapist Jonathan Darling are by appointment only.

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Initial consultation with accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist Jonathan Darling (MICP, MAPPI).

Verbal Agreement


The premise of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is that the Client has more to say for themselves than they have to show for. It is the role of the Clinician to bring to the attention of the Client instances where there is more to what they are saying than meets the eye. The psychoanalytic clinic privileges speech as the medium for therapeutic treatment. The Clinician will generally not conduct psychoanalytic treatment directly face-to-face because this distracts from what the Client has to say.

The psychoanalytic clinic works with the unconscious of the Client. The Client is invited to speak about literally anything and nothing in particular. The Clinician’s job is to facilitate this form of “free association” as the Client puts voice to their stream of consciousness. Affective treatment is predicated on consent to this therapeutic approach, whereby the Client assents to speak without self-censorship. By return, the Clinician is ethically bound to listen attentively and impartially, in confidence of this non-disclosure agreement.


Cash payment at the time of the appointment as standard, unless alternative payment method, such as Revolut or card reader, is agreed upon in advance.

Duration & Frequency

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy treatment operates on a variable-length basis. Sessions are generally conducted in no greater than fifty (50) minute intervals, and may be concluded in a shorter timeframe depending on material touched upon within specific sessions. The length of attendance at any one particular psychotherapy session is not a measure of quality time. Psychoanalytic work is qualitative rather than quantitative. Psychoanalytic work requires regular and frequent attendance with the Clinician. Minimum attendance is once per week, while multiple appointments a week is common practice. The Client is encouraged to commit to their treatment for no less than four (4) uninterrupted appointments initially, while a series of twelve (12) sessions at the outset is standard, before continuing on with an arrangement specifically agreed upon by the Client and the Clinician.

Emergence Analytic practices year-round, with breaks set aside by mutual consent between the Client and the Clinician. Treatment blocks generally run from mid-January through to early May, with a break from May day to the June bank holiday. Practice resumes through the Summer (June-August), before another break in September. The clinic continues through October, November and early December before a break for Christmas and New Year.


The therapeutic arrangement between the Clinician and the Client is private and confidential. The Clinician will not share any information disclosed by the Client to third-parties (other than their accredited supervisor who is bound by professional practice to discretion), including family members or partners, medical professionals and state bodies. Breach in Client confidentiality is only warranted in cases where the Clinician deems that the Client is a severe risk to themselves or others, including the Clinician, and where intervention is acutely necessary. Such an intervention by the Clinician will be discussed, where possible, with the Client before action is taken.


The Client will endeavour to notify the Clinician in-person of difficulties attending their forthcoming scheduled appointment during the appointment prior. Should unforeseen circumstances arise for the Client in the interim between one appointment and the next, the Client will *call and speak* to the Clinician to cancel/postpone/reschedule their appointment. 24 hours notice minimum is required, except in exceptional circumstances (as determined by the Clinician), otherwise full payment will be charged. Non attendance at a scheduled appointment (no-show) accrues full payment due to the Clinician.

Cooling off

The Clinician respects the Client’s decision to cease attending psychotherapy treatment at their discretion. The Client *must* attend the clinic to serve notice in-person of their intention to discontinue attendance henceforth. Text messages, phone calls and no-shows do not constitute termination of this treatment agreement and full payment is due for scheduled appointment until such time as the Client attends the Clinician in person to articulate their wish to no longer attend the psychotherapy clinic for psychoanalytic treatment.